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Welcome to the index for Scott Ponemone’s ART I SEE and ART I MAKE blog posts. The index is presented two ways. First, QUICK HITS arranges the posts by category with just the post name and a link to the post. Second, SUMMARIES presents an image from each post, a short sentence or two about the post plus a link to the post.

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Here’s is a quick way to navigate my blog entries, which fall into two major categories: ART I SEE and ART I MAKE. Each category is presented in reverse chronological order (most recent first).


Simply put, these posts mostly reflect my interests in print collecting.  They range from prints I buy, print-making and print makers, and writers of prints and print-making.  ART I SEE also includes a few posts on painted American federal furniture, which I’ve also been able to acquire and enjoy living with.  A few other posts involved art I’ve seen overseas including a month’s stay in India in 2016.


Shadra Strickland’s linocut illustrations. LINK

Harry Sternberg’s woodcut autobiography LINK

George Walker’s completed new Images from the Neocerebellum. (See more Walker posts below.) LINK

Richard Wagener: California’s naturalist/wood engraver LINK

George Walker works on a limited edition of Neocerebellum.  (See more Walker posts below.) LINK

Donna Diamond’s light works (see earlier post on Diamond below.). LINK

Julie’s & Nicoles’s Paper Aipen. (See two posts on Aipen paintngs in ART I MAKE category.) LINK

Evan Lindquist, master engraver. LINK

Catching up with two wordless novelists. (See earlier posts on Stefan Berg and George Walker.) LINK

Louisiana Bendolph: Quilter/Printmaker. LINK

Allegra Marquart: Printmaker turned glass artist. LINK

Stefan Berg’s wordless novel. LINK

Trudi Ludwig Johnson’s Mission Accomplished. (See first post on Trudi below) LINK

Donna Diamond’s horrific linocuts. LINK

George Walker: Canada’s premier wordless novelist. LINK

Raj Bunnag’s monster print in progress. (See earlier Bunnag post  below.) LINK

Rosemary Feit Covey: Printmaker’s Journey. LINK

Karl Rössing: Witness to Weimar’s final Years. LINK

R. O. Hodgell: Master Linocutter. LINK

Mario Sanchez: The Pride of Key West. LINK

Elbridge Kingsley & Gifts for a Blogger. LINK

Collaborators: Raoul Middleman and Brian Garner. LINK

New School wood engravers: Forgotten 19th-century celebrities. (See William Brandt post under Authors.) LINK

Who was Lenore Szesko? LINK

Willard Clark: In the Words of his Grandson. LINK

Soledad Salamé’s Sol Print Studio. (See Sol Print Studio post below) LINK

Raj Bunnag’s 7.5-foot-long Linocut.  LINK

Sol Print Studio’s exhibition. LINK

Trudi Ludwig Johnson cuts down to the bone. LINK


Barbara Paca on Ruth Starr Rose. LINK

William Brandt on Interpretive Wood-Engraving. LINK

Robert Meyrick Gives New Life to Sydney Lee. LINK

decorative arts

The Mitchell/Willard tall-case clock LINK

Marble-top pier table and high-back fancy chair LINK

Signed set of John Swint painted chairs. LINK

Painted Furniture: Learning about Original Surfaces. LINK


Giant woodcuts of Tom Huck & Thom Shaw. LINK

Researching Josseph Leboit’s intaglio Plastic Values. LINK

Letter from Lynd Ward. LINK

Picture Books by Landacre, Underwood and Rössing. (See post on Rössing in Artists category.) LINK

Baltimore’s Publications & Multiples Fair. LINK

No Print Collecting without Print Dealers. LINK

Nature Mort: Dead Game as Art. LINK

Portfolio Madness: A Diary LINK


Carved facades in Uttarakhand, India. LINK

Belgium and The Netherlands: The Paper Trail. LINK

Petroglyphs in Northern California. LINK

Four short posts on travel to northern Tuscany, 2012:

Pistoia LINK

Lucca’s Duomo LINK

Lucca LINK

Cottage high in the hills.  LINK


These posts present a few mostly visual essays about my own art making.

india influence

Lessons in Aipen. LINK

Big Sky Aipens. LINK

In the studio

Sidewalk Studio deja vu LINK

Italian Doorways, Infinite Vistas LINK

The evolution of my UP IN ARMS watercolors. LINK

Fighting Fires: Step by Step LINK

Floorcloth Making for 1806 House. LINK

Operation Operating Room. LINK

2013 Mini-Retrospective. LINK

ON THE FENCE: Hands at the RENO Air Show. LINK

How I Make It: Creating  a “Hands” watercolor. LINK

ITALIAN SKIES: Adding the borders. LINK



Both ART I MAKE and ART I SEE posts are presented here with the most recent first.


BIG CLOCK: Buy first, research later

When I purchased the labeled “Wm. Mitchell Jr. / Richmond , Va” tall-case clock, I had no idea what a great story it would tell.  Posted: 5 Jan. 2018. Link:

Return to painting the full figure

Paintings I did in 1983 provide the catalyst for new paintings that begin with photographing people in public places. See what’s the same and what’s different. Posted: 19 Dec. 2017. Link:

Shadra’s linocuts for children’s cook

See how Baltimore illustrator Shadra Strickland created reduction linocuts for the book A Child’s Book of Prayers and Blessings. Posted: 1 Nov. 2017. Link:

Italian Doorways, Infinite Vistas

A month in Italy in May 2017 resulted in ten paintings of skies surrounded by ten heroic stone doorways. Posted: 8 Sept. 2017. Link:

The making of Harry Sternberg’s Woodcut Autobiography

Publisher Bill Kelly describes how Harry Sternberg’s A Life in Woodcuts came about in 1991. Posted: 7 June 2017. Link:


The evolution of my “UP IN ARMS” watercolors

I worked on the UP IN ARMS series of watercolors for four years. This blog post describes how these paintings evolved as well as how the way I exhibited them did too. Posted: 26 April 2017. Link:

At last, a new Neocerebellum

Canadian artist George Walker completes his limited edition of Images from the Neocerebellum and answers questions about the decisions he had to make in the process. Posted: 9 June 2017. Link:


2016 recap: Marble-top pier table & high-back red fancy chair

Researching and negotiating the purchase of the late federal pier table is paired with the appearance of a second high-back red fancy chair and how lucky I was not to bid on it. Posted December 24, 2016. Link:



Fighting Fires: Step by Step

The firehouse turned out to be a very hospitable venue for a particular artist who paints Up In Arms watercolors. I record the progress on three of the five paintings. Posted December 1, 2016. Link:



Richard Wagener: Naturalist/Wood Engraver

This California artist employs his natural science background and love of his state’s mountains and forests to inspire his printmaking. Posted: October 7, 2016. LINK:


NW Neo feature

George Walker’s Neo Neocerebellum

First published only in a 2007 trade edition, Images from the Neocerebellum will soon be available in a special edition of 28. And I’m partly responsible. Posted: 1 September 2016. LINK:

Portfolio Alt feature

Portfolio Madness: A Diary

The acquisition of three portfolios by Gustav Wolf, one by Fritz Eichenberg and one by Max Thalmann in the course of 4 1/2 month is madness. No? Posted: 18 August 2016. LINK:

DD feature

DONNA DIAMOND: Imagined light

New York artist Donna Diamond explores light with her series of ink-and-brush drawings and mezzotints. POSTED: 7 July 2016.  LINK:

Big aipan skies feature


Once I returned from a month in India, I painted large  watercolors of skies with border derived from traditional Aipen folk painitngs.  POSTED: 13 June 2016.  LINK:

AL feature


The old market street in Almora, India, retains a good but decaying display of carved and painted wood facades. POSTED: 3 May 2016.  LINK:

PA blog feature


Two Canadian artists attending the 2016 PECAH artist residency transform traditional Aipen painting into a giant paper cutout.  POSTED:

EL feature

Evan Lindquist: an engraver’s engraver

This Arkansas printmaker has created two series of engravings: one involving labyrinths, the other fanciful portraits of famous engravers. POSTED: 6 April 2016. LINK:

PECAH aipan feature

Lessons in Aipen

After seeing examples of the traditional Uttarakhand, India, folk painting called Aipen, I first try to mimic it and then try to use it as a border for my sky watercolors.  POSTED: 23 March 2016. Link:

Huck shaw feature

Giant woodcuts by Tom Huck & Thom Shaw

Second review of 2015 print collecting features the huge prints by Tom Huck and Thom Shaw, both their purchase and their hanging. POSTED: 22 January 2016.  LINK:

Leboit feature

Joseph Leboit: Before “Tranquility”

After purchasing a Joseph Leboit print, I researched why the title changed from Plastic Values to Tranquility and what the markings well below the image indicated. POSTED: 7 January 2016. Link:

Swint backs

2015 decorative arts recap

The highlight of decorative arts accessions was the purchase of a signed set of mid-19th-century painting chairs by Lancaster, PA, artisan John Swint. POSTED: 31 December 2015.  LINK:

WB feature

Walker & Berg: Updates on wordless novelists

Thanks to a visit to Toronto, I enjoyed meeting George Walker and Stefan Berg and witnessed their progress on their latest novels told solely in relief prints. POSTED: 20 October 2015. LINK:

BP feature use

Barbara Paca: REscuing Ruth Starr Rose

Sparked by her purchase of a painting in 2005, Barbara Paca dove into the life and works of the Maryland Eastern Shore artist Ruth Starr Rose. Her efforts resulted in a major exhibition and a splendid catalog. POSTED: 5 October 2015. LINK:

Bendolph feature

Lousiana Bendolph: From cloth to Paper

Artist Louisiana Bendolph adapts her aesthetic instincts from years of making quilts in the Gee’s Bend tradition to create lively color lithographs. POSTED: 29 September 2015. LINK:

LW feature feature

LEtter from Lynd Ward

When I purchased a copy the limited edition of Lynd Ward’s first published wordless novel Gods’ Man, I also acquired a Ward letter, a poem dedicated to Ward and nicely-worded inscription by Ward.  POSTED 24 August 2015. LINK:

AM feature

Allegra Marquart: From Paper to Glass

Baltimore artist Allegra Marquart made playful narrative prints for years. Then she discovered that her story-telling talent works beautifully in cast glass. POSTED: 7 June 2015. LINK:

BKS feature

Collecting books of relief prints

2015 was a great year for adding important books with original relief prints by American artist Paul Landacre, British artist Leon Underwood, and German artist Karl Rössing. POSTED: 3 June 2015. LINK:

SB wide feature

Stefan Berg’s Buddy Bolden in Black & White

In a wordless novel of linoleum cuts Canadian artist Stefan Berg tells the story of the last parade of the legendary New Orleans jazz musician Buddy Bolden. POSTED: 17 April 2015. LINK: 

TJ NEWwide blog feature

Trudi Ludwig Johnson’s 14-year Odyssey

Finally Trudi has completed her second mammoth woodcut that depicts characters of an Italian Renaissance painting as skeletons. POSTED: 21 February 2015. LINK:

DD wide blog feature

Donna Diamond: imagining/imaging mortality dot-by-dot

Using dental tools, Donna Diamond creates marvelous stipple linoleum cuts of mummies and a frightful carousel horse. POSTED: 25 January 2015. LINK:


GEORGE WALKER: wordless novelist

While George Walker’s wordless novels usually have Canadians as their subject, his Book of Hours celebrates the everyday lives of workers at the World Trade Center. POSTED: 9 January 2015. LINK: 

Web Raj featurewide blog feature

Raj Bunnag’s New Print Odyssey

The second post on Raj Bunnag presents the first plate of his new multi-plate relief print. He titles the new image The Murder Cartel Deathride. POSTED: 31 December 2014. LINK:

WEB covey feature

ROSEMARY feit covey: Printmaker’s journey

Thanks to an exhibition at the Evergreen Museum & Library in Baltimore, I was able to finally meet Rosemary, whose wood engravings I’ve admired for years.  She has blossomed into quite an experimental artist. POSTED: 1 December 2014. LINK:

Rossing feature

Karl Rössing: Witness to Weimar’s final Years

Rössing’s 1932 book of wood engravings Mein Vorurteil gegen diese Zeit (My Prejudice Against This Era) was a scathing view of Germany just before Hitler took power. POSTED: 20 July 2014.  LINK:

Hod Blog feature

R.O. Hodgell: Master Linocutter

His daughter and two Eckerd College (Florida) former colleagues talk about R.O. Hodgell and his prolific output of biblical, satirical, animal- and music-themed linoleum cuts. POSTED: 12 June 2014. LINK:


Belgium and The Netherlands: The Paper Trail

From the Plantin-Moretus Museum in Antwerp, to Arenthuis museun in Brugge featuring Frank Brangwyn, to a Felix Vallotton exhibition at Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum, to cartoons for stained glass at the Gouda’s Sint-Janiskerk, travel in Belgium and the Netherlands had much to delight a devotee of works on paper. POSTED: 27 May 2014.  LINK:

BL Multiples feature

Baltimore’s Publications & Multiples Fair: What the kids are up to

As a print collector of a certain age, entering Baltimore’s PMF (Publications & Multiples Fair) was like entering a parallel universe.  While the art making was somewhat helter-skelter, the energy level was out of this world.  POSTED: 18 March 2014. LINK:

MS feature wide

Mario Sanchez: The Pride of Key West

Nance Frank, director of Gallery on Greene, has been the one person most responsible for keeping the unique accomplishments of self-taught Key West artist Mario Sanchez alive. POSTED: 12 March 2014. LINK:

FC wide blog feature

Floorcloth Making: Painted Canvas for 1806 hallway

Step-by-step I take you through my production for a floorcloth to animate the hallway of a federal house on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. POSTED: 10 February 2014. LINK:

Kingsley feature

Elbridge Kingsley & Gifts for a Blogger: More on 19th-centry Wood Engravings

Nineteenth-century wood engraver Kinglsey gets a one-person show AND Bill Brandt, author of Interpretive Wood-Engraving, showers me with gifts of signed proofs by artists he wrote about.  POSTED: 26 November 2013. LINK:

BG-Raoul feature

Collaborators: Raoul Middleman and Brian Garner

Baltimore Artist Raoul Middleman (right) creates a series of large monotypes with the assistance of master lithograph printer Brian Garner. POSTED: 16 September 2013. LINK:

WE-2 feature

William Brandt on his book Interpretive Wood-Engraving

Late 19th-century American wood engravers created their own school of engraving, so different from their British counterparts, says Brandt. POSTED: 1 July 2013. LINK:

WE feature

American New School wood engravers: Forgotten 19th-century celebrities.

William H. Brandt’s book Interpretive Wood-Engraving: The Story of the Society of American Wood-Engravers tackles an era of American printmaking that has long confounded me. POSTED: 1 July 2013. LINK:

BLOG One Glove WEB

OPERATION Operating Room

What was easy in the 1980s–getting access to photograph in an operating room–proved next to impossible in 2013.  Ergo, I couldn’t get images of surgeons performing operations on hands.  POSTED: 14 June 2013. LINK:

Szesko Blog feature

The Search for Lenore R. Szesko

The purchase on eBay of the Surrealistic wood engraving sets off a search for Lenore Szesko.  A line in another artist’s CV leads to pay dirt.  POSTED: 21 April 2013. LINK:

Dealer Blog feature

Print Dealers: where would I be without them?

If Betty Duffy’s Bethesda Art Gallery wasn’t open in 1980, I doubt that I would be the dedicated print collector I am today. I talk to seven dealers who exhibited at the 2013 Capital Art Fair.  POSTED: 18 April 2013. LINK:

Clark Blog feature

Willard Clark: Kevin Ryan’s Grandpa

On my last day in Sante Fe, I meet with Kevin Ryan, who reprints and sells his grandfather’s color woodcuts.  Kevin then writes me a long account of Willard Clark’s career and how he–Kevin–became his grandfather’s printer. POSTED: 5 April 2013. LINK:


Soledad Salamé teaches etching without Acid

Upstairs in her Baltimore townhouse Soledad Salamé runs Sol Print Studio, where she instructs artists to etch intaglio plates with the sun or other light sources. POSTED: 18 March 2013.  LINK:

JFC -Blog feature

2013 Mini-Retrospective at Jordan Faye Contemporary

Finally after over 30 years as an exhibiting professional artist I have a mini-retrospective.  Several huge watercolors (like the one above) had never before been shown in Baltimore. POSTED: 18 January 2013. LINK: 

RAJ feature

Raj’s Jungle: A linocut that goes round and round

Raj Bunnag’s final student project at the Maryland Institute College of Art is an impressive four-plate linocut called Out Of The Jungle It Came. If taped together and placed on a drum, it would have no beginning or end. POSTED: 13 January 2013. LINK:

Lee USE blog feature

New Life for Sydney Lee, an Obscure British printmaker

Robert Meyrick discusses his catalogue raisonné on Sydney Lee, who produced large, magical wood engravings based on his travels in Spain and Italy in the 1920s. POSTED: 19 December 2012.  LINK:

new painted feature

Painted Furniture : Learning about original surfaces

It took a while to train my eyes. Now I really get excited to see American furniture from the first half of the 19th century that retains its original painted surface. POSTED: 12 Dec. 2012. LINK:

Sol feature

Sol Print Studio’s 2012 exhibition

Stevenson University near Baltimore hosts an exhibition of prints created by artists who worked with Soledad Salemé in her Sol Print Studio. Soledad and three other artists talk about their work. POSTED: 5 November 2012. LINK:

Reno Blog feature

On The Fence: Harvesting hands at the Reno Air Races

I’m always on the lookout for hands to paint. I hit pay dirt photographing hands at the Reno Air Races.  POSTED: 12 October 2012. LINK:


Trudi Ludwig Johnson cuts her woodcut down to the bone

In progress report: Trudi works on her second oversize woodcut of skeletons based on a Renaissance painting. POSTED: 8 October 2012. LINK:

petros-feature image

Detour for ancient Art: Petroglyphs in Northern California.

Behind a chain-link fence at Lava Beds National Monument in Northern California survive chiseled-out imagery of early Native Americans. POSTED: 3 October 2012. LINK:

Little Chicks for gallery

Nature Morte: Art of Dead Game

My painting of bantam trophy chickens is my living take on genre painting of dead game. POSTED: 14 Auguest 2012. LINK:

Cones together

HOW I MAKE IT: creating the watercolor “1 Spoon 2 Cones”

From photographs to finished painting, I lead you through my painting process. POSTED: 10 August 2012. LINK:

Art I Make #4 feature

Italian Skies: Adding the borders

During a month in Tuscany in 2012 I painted 14 small watercolors of skies and in my journal recorded borders–often from church pavements–to frame those skies.  Once back in Baltimore, I drew and painted the borders to complete the series. POSTED: 9 August 2012. LINK:

Art I See #1 feature

Four short posts on Travel to northern Tuscany, 2012

Arrival in the lofty hamlet of Ombreglio di Brancoli. POSTED 9 July 2012. LINK:

Lucca’s black-and-white Romanesque facades. POSTED 9 July 2012. LINK:

Lucca;s Duomo. POSTED 9 July 2012. LINK:

Small city of Pistoia. POSTED: 9 July 2012. LINK: